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Chrome web store has a great collection of tools that will help you to increase your productivity as a graphic designer. We have listed the most helpful and powerful tools that you as a designer may use them to help you and increase your productivity. chrome extension for designers


This chrome extension will help you to preview the file before downloading it. So if you have a PSD file, or any other file, through this extension you will be able to preview it even before downloading it.


Muzli 2




This extension replaces you default tab with a gallery of designs to help you get inspired by bringing you the freshest design, UI, UX and interactive news from around the web. You can also check this similar extensions: Design Hunt & Panda.






This extension will allow you to get the color of any element on the web even if it was an image. While you are searching for inspiration you could find a specific hue/color degree that you may use in your designs, so this extension will help you to get this color easily.






This extension will help you to know what is the font used on any webpage so you could be able to use this font in your designs and work.


Palette Creator




Through this extension you will be able to generate a color palette from an image. Just right-click on the image and select the “Palette Creator” option.


Open with Photoshop




Open any image on the web on Adobe Photoshop just with a quick right mouse button click.


Color Tab




This chrome extension will bring you a beautiful color palette every time you open a new tab to get inspired.


Save image as PNG




Sometimes webpages block the save image option or the image may be not PNG. Through this chrome extension you will be able to save any image on the web as PNG with a single click.


Project Naptha




Simply highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image on the web. Yes, it is like a magic to copy the text written on images, but this chrome extension do this magic!






This chrome extension will allow you to access free graphic resources every day in your new tab


Your Portfolio

Remember that you’re only as good as your portfolio! make it interactive and professional, Imaginators can help you to create your portfolio for free.